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It is estimated that
85% of people
in the United States
will know someone personally who has died by suicide

DISCONNECTED is unscripted conversations
of lived experiences.

Suicide has always been shrouded in mystery,

a hidden secret, a cloud of shame.

Many of us have been affected by either suicidal

ideation, or the loss of a loved one by suicide

but are too ashamed to talk about it.

We wear a mask of 'everything is ok' when it's not.

Families keep secrets to manage stigma.

Some of the effects of stigma include isolation, not talking and a reluctance to ask for help or get treatment.

Suicidal behavior tends to run in families.

By having conversations on suicide, people affected realise they are not alone and are then more likely to reach out for help.


     Collaborating with partners we will help facilitate screenings:

  • FESTIVAL FILM SCREENINGS - raising awareness on the subject of Suicide

  • COMMUNITY SCREENINGS AND OUTREACH - enabling ordinary people without professional training to run their own group screenings

  • SUICIDE BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUPS - a public service to loss survivors

  • FOUNDATIONS SET UP BY FAMILIES - services for survivors who have lost a loved one by suicide

  • WEBINARS/CONFERENCES ON MENTAL HEALTH - conferences for professionals working

  • in mental health and public services

  • TRAINING SESSIONS & TALKS - presentation to facilitate educational programs, train professional caregivers and offer consultative services

  • DIGITAL RELEASE - Youtube, Vimeo & Virtual Screenings

The Prosocial Impact on our audience through the  screening of Disconnected:

To Educate
Move our audience Emotionally
To encourage them to donate to call centres and mental health organisations
Participate in Policy Making

Engage with their community and support groups
Volunteer for Causes

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