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A powerful and thought-provoking documentary that features unscripted stories of those who have lived through the experience of suicide, shining a light on stigma and the need for connection.

"A documentary that brings light

to the darkness"

Julian Jansen -  Rapport



Suicide has long been thought to be the most stigmatising of bereavements.

Most of us don't know how to approach the subject of loss by suicide, so often we don't, creating more shame for those who are grieving.

Disconnected is a reflection of a mind-set, a momentum of thought, that often starts in the playground.


The spiraling of negative belief that manifests and grows, and for some, the only way to end their pain, is by withdrawing from life.

Through experiential stories we unravel the secrets of those affected by suicide, as we try to understand the complexity of life and the need for meaningful connection in our broken society.

The strength and value of this film lies in these voices
and the need for



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If we are not talking about suicide it increases the stigma

On average 135 people are affected when a suicide occurs

People bereaved by the sudden death
of a friend or family member are
65% more likely to attempt suicide if the
deceased died by suicide
than if they died by natural causes
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